Serving the life of science and
technology civilization.
Serving the life of science and
technology civilization.
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Serving the life of science and
technology civilization.

Serving the life of science and
technology civilization.

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Service Center
Talent Philosophy
  • DESAY believes in the human resource philosophy that “each individual is the smallest business unit”, and invests, supports, develops, cultivates and manages people accordingly. DESAY is investing in the personalized capability of employees to provide a platform for employees to create values. Enabling culture is promoted with harmonious organizational relationship to help our employees to improve efficiency. “Employee Care Programs” for employees' physical and mental health is implemented and we share the achievements with our employees.
  • DESAY emphasizes on creating a fair, impartial and open talent competition environment. Through competitive recruitment, talent echelon selection, talent review, performance management and other means, talents are selected in an open and merit-based manner so that a large number of outstanding talents are identified and developed rapidly.
  • DESAY not only pays attention to value creation by individual, but also emphasizes on organizational synergy. Through organizational capability building and learning organization establishment, each employee can quickly acquire the capability required by the organization and achieve the synergy effect of “1+1>2”, to provide customers with quality products and excellent services efficiently.
Our requirements for talents
  • Professional knowledge and skills;
  • Strong sense of responsibility and integrity;
  • Open-minded and willing to be integrated into Desay;
  • With innovative mindset and dedication for continuous improvement;
  • With innovative mindset and dedication for continuous improvement;
We promote talent policy with the following possibilities
  • For special talents, Desay will assist the transfer of Hukou and relevant filing and documents in Desay and will ensure full compliance with relevant preferential policies at provincial and municipal levels.
  • For special talents with remarkable technology & research achievements, special incentive scheme will be provided by the respective subsidiaries. 
  • Qualified talents shall be included in “Desay Corporation Talents Pool” from which middle and senior leaders of the company shall be selected. 
  • Desay provides talents with comprehensive training programs and career development coaching to improve the overall performance of our talents. 
  • We provide positive competition platform for our talents and encourage talents to take greater responsibility, excel with their greatest potentials and achieve self-actualization while exhibit behaviors in accordance with corporate value.
  • Desay has set up “caring officer” system to give support and assistance to employees when necessary.
“Platform, Reliance, Space,
Caring, and Returns”
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