Serving the life of science and
technology civilization.
Serving the life of science and
technology civilization.
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Serving the life of science and
technology civilization.

Serving the life of science and
technology civilization.

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About us
More proactive and determined to invest in the future
Good works sprout out every day and everything blossoms in spring. In 2021, we adhered to the strategic focus and achieve steady growth in sales revenue and rapid growth in total profit. On the occasion of the New Year, I would like to, on behalf of the Corporation's board of directors and management team, extend our high respect and heartfelt thanks to every hardworking Desay staff! I’d like to express my best wishes and heartfelt thanks to leaders at all levels, partners, customers and friends from all walks of life who care and support Desay's development.
In this year, we firmly focused on the strategy, improved the quality and efficiency, and the operation quality and development strength were uplifted to a new level. In the face of difficult environment and different challenges, under the strong leadership of Huizhou Municipal Party Committee and the municipal Government and the strong support of the municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, our Corporation has been working with one heart and one mind to forge ahead. Riding against the trend, we continued to increase the investment in research and development, layout new projects, explore new businesses, and unceasingly strengthen the development momentum. We adhered to the operation principle of "Focusing on core businesses, Innovation-driven, Profitability as priority", strengthened the main business, improved internal skills and strength, ensured abundant cash flow for operating activities and continuous and substantial growth in operating efficiency. Total risk resistance, overall strength and comprehensive competitiveness have been significantly improved.
In 2021, new bases have been put into operation, creating new engines for growth and new space for development. In April, the first phase of Desay SV Intelligent Network Huinan Industrial Park with an area of 203,200 square meters was put into use. In November, the park was officially opened and embarked on a new journey and entered the fast lane. In May, Desay SV and FAWER set up a new joint venture, and the first phase of the project was successfully launched in September. In November, Desay SV completed its European R&D center, marking another step in its global layout. In December, Huihuan factory of Desay Precision was completed, full of vigor and horsepower. In December, the first phase of Desay Battery High-end Intelligent Manufacturing Huinan Industrial Park, with a construction area of 257,300m2, was put into operation, ready to go with full energy... there is a vast world and a promising future for Desay.
In the past year, core industries have been bold in reform and resolutely promoted transformation and upgrading, and other industries enhanced solid management, displaying a positive trend of development. Keeping open and enterprising, the automotive electronics industry cooperated with IBM to implement the "SHENG LONG Project" to accelerate the transformation. It’s building its leading edge by adhering to continuous investment in three business areas (i.e. Intelligent Cabin, Intelligent Driving and Connected Services) and expanding to new industry, leading smart mobility transformation through innovation and the layout of intelligent transportation business. The new energy battery industry continued to optimize its business structure and customer structure, increase resource integration, explore the construction of an industrial ecosystem, and set up "Desay SIP" company to create a new growth pole. Precision industry focused on business and firmly executed the strategy to achieve sustained and rapid development. Intelligent manufacturing industry consolidated the foundation and adhered to the core focus. Optoelectronics industry seized the opportunity to expand the international market.
In 2022, standing at the head of an era of great change, we will be faced with economic cycles fluctuating in tandem and accelerating shift of new and old kinetic energy. One can only understand the power of cycles through experiencing it. At present, the national "double carbon" strategy has been set, and intelligent electric vehicles usher in the outbreak of inflection point. We are lucky to be on the golden track of "new energy + intelligent vehicles". We should have determination in the face of changes, live up to the trend of prosperity, and act with the trend and forge ahead.
Forging ahead is dare to challenge higher goals. "Ambition should be lofty", and gumption embodies the entrepreneur spirit. In the times of hundred ships struggling and no progress meaning backwardness, those who refuse to make progress can only be eliminated and everything will be used up. The next two years will be a critical period for us to achieve the strategic goals set for 2023. We will be bold in our efforts and take responsibility. The more difficulties we face, the more we will forge ahead to gain greater achievement. 
Forging ahead is dare to invest and expand the layout. We will accelerate the implementation of a new round of “Ten Billion Projects”, with the pace of implementation changed from the previous five years to three years. We will seize strategic opportunities in intelligent driving, energy storage cell, SIP packaging and other strategic areas, continue to increase investment, and build future-oriented leading edge and competitiveness through strategic layout. Meanwhile, we will increase research and expansion in emerging markets such as Vietnam and India, actively promote international layout, and accelerate the pace of global resource allocation.
Forging ahead is dare to change and stimulate vitality. Based on the reality and with a long-term view, we will actively promote the institutional environment and management reform concerning the overall situation, continuously optimize the incentive system, so that the internal motivation of employees is consistent with the organizational goals, and create values and share fruits. Business development relies on talents. Team leaders at all levels should not only fulfill the “Desay Five Cultures" as a model, but also execute them in the process of talents selection, employment, education and retention, cultivate talents and build talents echelon with stronger sense of urgency under a bigger picture, and endow opportunities for more young and excellent talents to display them and obtain more growth in Desay’s platform and gain mutual success with the company.
All the past is past. Desay’s new round of development of the layout has been opened. In the New Year, let us embrace the common ideal and cultural concept, always pour our heart of concentration and love into the career, cherish dreams, resolutely keep forward, embrace more harvest and growth together, and create a better future!
Finally, I wish you and your family a happy New Year, and everything goes as you wish.
Jiang Jie
DESAY Corporation Chairman CEO
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