Serving the life of science and
technology civilization.
Serving the life of science and
technology civilization.
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  • Optoelectronics LED
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Serving the life of science and
technology civilization.

Serving the life of science and
technology civilization.

About usManufacturing System
About us
Construct DESAY's industrial internet platform
and intelligent manufacturing digital plant
Quality is the foundation for the survival of a company. Strict and excellent quality control system, lean manufacturing system orderly shop floor management and highly advanced and efficient manufacturing technology and processes system are the core competitive advantages of DESAY that ensure the high quality and performance of DESAY’s products.
Lean Manufacturing + Smart Manufacturing
DESAY has a modern industrial park with an area of more than one million m2 equipped with comprehensive facilities, advanced equipment and excellent management. It is one of the most important production bases for automotive electronics, new energy and mobile communication products in China.

In the process of continuous improvement, DESAY always persists on the principle of having first-rate environment, production facilities and manufacturing processes. The company has built up a lean, green, and smart manufacturing system to be a responsible and environmentally friendly company.

The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) designed by DESAY is capable of bi-directional quality traceability to realize accurate control of product quality and logistic information and is highly recognized by many renowned global customers. Besides, DESAY places great importance on energy saving, waste reduction, low-carbon environmental protection and recycled usage. By adopting international standard and via green design and manufacturing to reduce resource consumption and environment influences during the manufacturing processes and actual usage, we are able to achieve optimum balance of economic and social benefits.

The manufacturing system of DESAY always insists on the principle of “being responsible to every product we make”. To obtain higher efficiency, better quality and production flexibility, DESAY devotes every effort to promoting systematic management improvement activities such as basic management, employee suggestion scheme, lean manufacturing, industrial engineering, " DESAY Quality”, six sigma, upgrading of automation, cloud production and etc. With the application of the above-mentioned activities, resources have been reasonably allocated and fully utilized and hence the continuous improvement in manufacturing performance. Production lines use leading international information management system and through automatic positioning and data analysis, production efficiency and accuracy are constantly improved and hence strong assurance to the quality of products.
Amoeba Management System
DESAY has introduced the Amoeba Management concept to cultivate talents with business acumen and establish departmental accounting system that is directly linked to the market. With this system, we are able to engage all DESAY staffs into business operation and continuously stimulate and enable the organization and thus enhance the competitive advantages of DESAY.
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