Serving the life of science and
technology civilization.
Serving the life of science and
technology civilization.
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Serving the life of science and
technology civilization.

Serving the life of science and
technology civilization.

About usR&D System
About us
Desay Corporation has established a robust, open and efficient R&D System. The adherence to the guiding principle of “market oriented, enterprise centered and business and research integration”, and the strategy of “manufacturing with current generation, research and development as next generation and planning for reserve as new generation”, technological innovation is highly promoted to improve our core competitiveness.

The R&D System of Desay Corporation consists of State-level Enterprise Technical Center, Technology Committee, Expert Consultation Committee, Industrial Research Institutes, and over ten R&D centers under its subsidiaries. Desay also has post doctorate research station, national accredited laboratory, national and local joint engineering center, provincial-level engineering & R&D center, provincial-level key laboratory, Desay NWCG Maker Space, and various R&D institutes in major cities in China and foreign countries including Singapore, Germany, Japan and so etc. Huizhou Desay Corporation Research Institute is Guangdong Provincial new research institute. There are more than two thousand R&D engineers in Desay and annual investment in R&D amounts to several thousand hundred millions RMB. The R&D activities in Desay have provided us the solid foundation for sustainable development.
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R&D Organizational Structure
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    R&D Equipment Resources
    In Desay, there are currently three national accredited (CNAL) in the fields of automotive electronics and battery. The more than 100,000 square meters laboratories are equipped with more than 2,500 sets of test equipment and instruments. Desay Corporation has established long term partnership with internationally renowned software companies to utilize their software system such as PLM, PDM, CMMI, IPD, EDA, and ERP and etc. for our R&D information management platforms.
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    R&D Directions
    Desay Corporation has continuously carried out research of key technologies and development of new products in the fields of intelligent driving, in car navigation and multimedia systems, climate control systems, instrumental clusters, automotive display systems, in car air purifier, electric vehicle power management systems, mobile power management systems, new energy, Internet audio and video, 3D HD, new generation of mobile communication, smart wear, VR, LED lighting and display, IC designs for ADAS and high-end power management, factory automation equipment and new types of purification materials. Over the years, Desay has closely cooperated with well-known chip companies, software companies, institutions and universities to carry out basic scientific research and application development to keep the pace with the world's leading technology.
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    R&D Talent Management and Incentive Scheme
    In recent years, Desay Corporation has recruited dozens of domestic and foreign technical experts to cultivated a group of technology innovation talents. Career development plan for technical staffs has been launched and regular technology innovation exchange activities and best practice sharing activities are organized to improve R&D engineers’ competency. As a people oriented company, Desay Corporation has also established incentive scheme and annual awards for engineers that include Outstanding Contribution Award, Achievement Award, Patent Award, Industrial Design Award, Lean Design Award and etc.
R&D Achievements and Honors
  • In 2017, the research on high-performance speech recognition and touch-screen vehicle navigation technology has won the third prize of provincial Science and Technology Award. Autonomous driving technology based on Beidou high precision positioning won the excellence award of national innovation and entrepreneurship competition.
    Three more branch companies achieved national recognition as Hi-tech Enterprises.
    Two more companies won the approval as provincial Enterprise Technology Center.
    One company was recognized as Intelligent Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center of Guangdong Province. Thirteen products including large-screen integrated digital instrument and SoC chip of GPS satellite navigation receiver won the honor as Hi-tech Product of Guangdong Province.
    Honored as 2017 Chinese customer experience innovation pilot enterprise.
    Won SAIC Motor’s annual outstanding innovation award of passenger car, FAW-VW’s outstanding development award for the fourth consecutive year, and the prize of technical innovation of Germany BMW.
  • In 2016, ①The study “Research and development of electric vehicle battery thermal management system and electric compressor energy-saving control technology” won 3rd price of Guangdong Provincial Technical Award.
    ②Certified as Guangdong provincial Industrial Design Center, provincial post-doctoral innovation base.
    ③Won Zhongkai “Special Contribution Award for Talent Work”.
  • In 2015, ①Nine products including the in-car surround view parking assist system" were identified as high-tech products in Guangdong province;
    ②Lead in the definition and formulation of local standard DB44 / T 1452-2014 of (general technical conditions for vehicle information service terminal),
    ③Won the approval as national-regional joint engineering center; Won the honor of innovative entrepreneurship leader team and innovative entrepreneurship prize of Zhongkai zone; 2 engineers won the" Chief Engineers award" and 12 won Excellent Technology Award.
  • In 2014, awards won are,①"A variable gain high sensitivity GPS receiver baseband frequency tracking method" won the 16th China Patent Excellence Award;
    ②Eight products including a new type of automotive air conditioning controller, a new generation of control system of automotive bus technology digitalized instrumentation, the CLM81 intelligent battery management control system of mower robot, Electric vehicle in-car LCD screen, intelligent battery management system EV05, electric vehicle high-voltage system HV01, and TD-LTE smart phone were identified as high-tech products in Guangdong Province;
    ③3G wireless broadband router and its multi-business mobile terminals won Huizhou Science and Technology Third Class Award;
    ④Research and development on the efficient equilibrium technology of electric vehicle battery management system won Guangdong Province Science and Technology Progress Third Class Award and Huizhou Science and Technology First Class Award
    ⑤ Research and development on a new generation of vehicle digitalized instrument control system and vehicle simulation technology won Huizhou Science and Technology Progress Third Class Award;
    ⑥Gradient test method won Gold Patent of Huizhou Science and Technology Award;
    ⑦"High series of lithium battery pack voltage detection circuit and the application of the protection circuit for battery pack" and "a method of estimating charging state of lithium-ion battery " won the Excellent Award of patent;
    ⑧led the formulating and issuing of local standard DB44/T 1345-2014 "GPS/Beidou dual-mode satellite navigation and positioning terminal equipment reliability test method", and participated in the formulating industry standard of “power bank with USB port” (CIAPS0001-2014);
    ⑨Elected in the first batch of science and technology innovation team, the first batch of leading talents, the first batch of "Dongjiang scholars", the eighth municipal talented staff, and the first batch of "Chief Engineers" of "Swan Plan"; won the honor of "innovative entrepreneurship leader team", "innovative entrepreneurship business leaders", and "the second batch of regional outstanding talent” of Zhongkai area.
  • In 2013,①“Power battery charge and discharge balance control method” won the 15th China Excellent Patent award.
    ②“Blu-ray HD DVD technology integration” won Guangdong Province Science and Technology Third Class Award.
    ③"A power off method of car stereo and its peripheral circuit " won Huizhou Science and Technology Gold Patent Award.
    ④Eight products including T platform of intelligent navigation combing smart phones and the in-car host, battery management system of communication base station large energy storage power were identified as High-tech Product in Guangdong province;
    ⑤"Research and development on the efficient equilibrium technology of electric vehicle battery management system " passed by the achievements identification of Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology;
    ⑥Desay’s two branch companies Desay SV and Blueway Electronics won the honor of “Innovation and Start-up Leading Team” in National ZhongKai high-tech zone.
  • In 2012, awards won are,①The industry standard QC-T897-2011 " technical conditions of electric vehicle battery management system" which Desay has joined in the documentation was issued;
    ②TS928 smart phone won 2012 China Mobile TD-SCDMA Terminal Product Innovation Award;
    ③TD slide elderly phone T389 won the "Outstanding Appearance Design Award" of China Mobile Phones;
    ④Desay’s three branch companies Desay SV, Blueway Electronics, and E-power were rated as National Torch Plan Key Hi-tech Enterprise;
    ⑤Eight products including car navigation system with panoramic astern and intelligent care terminal based on cloud platform were identified as High-tech Product in Guangdong province.
  • In 2011, awards won are,①13th China Patent Gold Award— “In-car audio signal processing based on GPS voice navigation technology”;
    ②Guangdong Intellectual Property Benchmark Enterprise approved by the Intellectual Property Office of Guangdong Province;
    ③Guangdong Science and Technology Third Class Award and Huizhou Science and Technology First Class Award—”Blu-ray HD DVD technology integration”;
    ④Huizhou Science and Technology Gold Patent Award—“Point by point calibration system for LED screen brightness and color” and “VFD screen display system in the process of accelerated start up of blu-ray system”;
    ⑤Self-innovation Product in Guangdong—new generation wireless communication terminal and Intelligent caring communication terminal.
  • In 2010, we were honored the following,①”One touch GPS navigation system” has won the Third Prize in the Science & Technology Awards of Guangdong Province and also the First Prize in Huizhou City;
    ②Successfully developed 3D HD DVD player in China as the first one;
    ③Certification by Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology—“Electric vehicle battery thermal management system & electronic control compressor energy saving technology” and “High performance voice recognition touch screen in-vehicle navigation technology”.
  • In 2009, the multi-feature GSM fee charging & collection mobile terminal and the one-touch in-vehicle multimedia player were accredited as Self Innovation Products of Guangdong Province.14 other products were certified as high-tech products including blu-ray DVD player and senior citizen phone and etc. The lithium battery protection board standard documented by Desay was adopted as the first local industrial standard(no national or industrial standard at that time).
  • In 2008, Desay was the first to successfully develop blu-ray HD DVD player, TD home router and electric vehicle battery management system. In addition, seven other products including in-vehicle GPS system and digital TV receiver were rated as high-tech products in Guangdong Province and seven subsidiaries were rated as national high-tech enterprises.
  • In 2007, Desay in-vehicle multimedia player won the Kapok Design Award of Guangdong Province.
  • From 1994 to1999, R&D, manufacturing and sales activities of Desay brand telecom products were launched. The HW460 FWP cordless phone won the Gold Award in the first China High-tech & New Products Fair held by the SSTCC in 1995. In 1997, the voice-recording FWP cordless phone was awarded as Excellent New Product of Guangdong Province.

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